Sunday, 1 May 2011


It was my plan to change my background picture every month: moving through the seasons with a new image to reflect the time of year, my whims, the weather, the new black, the mood of the country, whatever.... each one carefully chosen to enhance the photos and create a visual diary of life in the house. The idea being that you would be able to scroll back through previous blogs, travelling through the mists of time, perhaps lingering over a particular photo that evokes special memories, reminisce about .....
Anyway, you can forget all that because when I change the background picture it changes it for every previous blogs too - so, I need you to imagine all the posts for April with this wallpaper..


Right, May. This month's background is going to be this photo. It's our back room. The big old Dutch doors were brought back from a previous trip to Holland. Imagine the kids delight to discover that just a few streets away from Efteling there is the most amazing architectural salvage yard. I can easily pass a day there, wandering around the 18th century room settings. This year they have added an entire, salvaged, art-deco bar complete with alcohol!  



The old Dutch doors (or slags as they are known in Holland) in the photo were shipped back a couple of years ago. There was much amusement, and endless hours of fun were had by all playing on the slag pun, ie. 'Brian spent the weekend screwing a couple of slags against the wall', 'My word! what a big knocker on that slag' etc - you get the idea.

Moving on, just as our wisteria is fading....

... Maria's is at it's best.

Oh, by the way, Arsenal won today. Drinks all round. More on that tomorrow.

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