Saturday, 14 May 2011

Rocking Pool

TripAdvisor have just sent me their Top 10 Amazing Hotel Pools.......
They're Okaaay....... yeah, so that one in Singapore is pretty impressive but my absolute favourite pool of all time is the one at Jameos del Agua in Lanzarote, designed by the genius Cesar Manrique. The blinding combination of smooth white concrete and turquoise water set against the craggy volcanic boulders really rocks my boat. It's stunning. 

Sadly you have to admire the serene pool without even dipping your toe in. The place is a national treasure and they don't want a bunch of tasteless Brits cluttering it up. Awww.... but don't be disappointed! My Stoke Newington mates, Tarnya and Richard, moved out to Lanzarote a few years ago. Go and stay at Finca Malvasia, their chic boutique guesthouse, set in the heart of the La Geria wine region. It has it's very own Manrique pools that you CAN swim in (and sunbathe around and have a barbeque next to watching the sunset, sipping the best local wine).

Finca Malvasia

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