Friday, 20 May 2011

Quick Sushi Supper

When you're in the mood for Sushi but you cba to make it, this version has all the flavours but none of the faff.
Cook the rice and noodles, slice the raw tuna and flash fry a steak and cut into thin strips. Phoebe showed up unexpectedly, so I added some cold cooked salmon from yesterday as well.  On a large, flat plate make a small mound of rice and assemble a pile of noodles. Place a few pieces of beef on the noodles and drape the tuna over the rice. I added some asparagus spears tonight but often just put slithers of cucumber on the side. Mix a dressing of lemon juice, wasabi and soy sauce and drizzle over everything. To finish just snip the nori seaweed sheets into squares and carefully position so as to make it look incidental.

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