Saturday, 28 May 2011

A Taste of Spain

Do you remember those kitsch Spanish ice-creams -  the ones where the ice-cream was rammed into the skin of the fruit? We first had them on the Costa Brava in 1967 - I sometimes have a nostalgic fancy for one and think they are due for a revival. Gordon has just been on a business trip to Milan and he texted me a picture taken in a restaurant of a whole tableau of ice-cream filled fruit, extravagantly piled on a silver platter; there were plums, peaches, passion fruit, pomegranites - even an ice-cream filled peanut. I will attempt to recreate this for a future blog - but not sure if I can be ars** to extract a peanut from its shell, turn it into peanut ice-cream, stuff it back into its husk again and reassemble the damn thing. That's nuts.

I made a paella last night and think a citrusy ice-cream is the perfect desert after the sticky, garlicky rice, so got Brian zesting a couple of limes and an orange while I whipped up a carton of cream. Dissolve 175 g of icing sugar in the juice from the orange and limes, add the zest, then whisk into the whipped cream. I have a tray of rosebud shaped silicone baking moulds which are perfect for freezing the mixture. Just dollop it into the flower-shaped cups, smooth the surface with a spatula and freeze. You don't need an ice-cream maker and you don't need to re-beat the mixture to break up ice crystals or any of that palaver. They pop out perfect every-time.

Me and Brian having fun in the kitchen

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