Sunday, 22 May 2011

Nice Package

Managed to make the 56 salmon parcels AND photograph Brian's tie and tie clip and arrive only an hour late to the party.

If you haven't made Delia Smith's Thai Salmon Parcels give them a go - they're easy. For 8 parcels use 4 slices of salmon and cut each one in half. Grate some ginger (a 2 inch lump) and zest two limes. Add a spoonful of chopped garlic, 4 spring onions finely chopped, a bunch of shredded coriander plus the juice of the limes. I add a desert spoon of dried cous-cous. It soaks up the lime juice and stops the parcels becoming too wet when cooking. Lay out the sheets of filo on a work surface. One pack usually has 8 sheets - enough for 8 parcels. Put a spoonful of the mixture towards one end of the sheet and place a piece of salmon on top. Fold the end of the filo over the salmon, then fold the sides in and turn the little package over a couple of times to form a neat bundle. Seal the edge with some melted butter.
Line an oven tray with non-stick baking parchment and lay the parcels next to each other but not touching. Brush with melted butter and cook in a hottish oven for twenty minutes. 

It's nice to cut them in half to reveal the pretty green and pink inside.

Party was really good, went on really late and we got really drunk. Woken at 7.30am to take delivery of a roomful of Christmas trees...

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