Wednesday, 4 May 2011

A Cold Wind

Warm or chilly? Art or vandalism? You just don't know where you are in Stoke Newington these days. The sun shines from dawn to dusk in a cloudless blue sky, yet step into the shadows and it's icy cold. What to wear? The warm light streaming into the bedroom says shorts. I Veet my legs. They're as silky and hair free as an iPhone screen. I'm freezing. I pull on jeans and boots. I'm boiling. I take them off.
Brian has purchased a dapper silk man-scarf from Ribbons & Taylor. Just the thing for Spring. 

The whippets are sorted with their
sleeveless knitwear

Here he is with the vandalised graffiti on Church Street (seen on wall in background). It happened a while ago. The council rollered over the Banksy of the Royal Family on the Balcony with black paint as thick as tar. 'Cleaning up the area' was their excuse. Oh, so we all want to look at black walls as we take the kids to school do we? The snogging policemen that Banksy painted in Brighton is currently for sale in a New York Art Gallery for £1million. Brian says the black paint serves as metaphor for bloody bureaucratic blindness (as he downs his last glass of wine of the evening).

photo by Matt Chalmers before Hackney Council got to work.

Further down Church Street we meet a greyhound working a lovely trans-seasonal look - eau de nil muslin, beefed up with some tan leather bridalry. 
... and Evergreen & Outrageous have a bucketful
of gorgeous sweetpeas!

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