Saturday, 30 April 2011

The last day of April

On a sunny Saturday morning, on the last day of April I'm off in search of a suitable something or someone to make use of the sugared almond wisteria background for the last time.
I spotted 90 year old (it was her birthday yesterday, she told me) Eileen strolling along Upper Street, arm in arm with her son. I've seen quite a few senior citizens dressed up in all their finery in the last 24 hours and to me she was better put-together than any of them. I was nervous about asking a stranger if it was OK to take their picture but she was a perfect, gentle introduction to snapping a passersby and was delighted that her beautifully styled outfit hadn't gone unnoticed.

We were about to head off to Paddington to pick up Ed after a few days in Cornwall but he texted to say the train had been delayed so Brian, the whippets and I had to kill an hour having lunch in the sunshine at a pretty gingham covered table outside the Elk in the Woods in the blissfully car-free Camden Passage. I was suprised that broad bean pate was on the menu! (maybe they'd been reading this blog haha) so I ordered it to see how it compared. They had mixed feta cheese with the beans and mint, which worked really well, although it was a bit richer than my version - I'll try it at home with an icy glass of wine one evening.

and they do great chips...

An almost faultless day, flawed only by getting home at 6.20 to find Joe still in bed eating biscuits instead of doing homework, and overhearing the sycophantic BBC wedding commentary as Ed settles down for the evening to catch up with yesterdays outfits.

Bye sunny April, bye wisteria, and by the way... why are those Maples and Hornbeams (which looked stunning in Westminster Abbey) being carted off to Highgrove and not Hackney? Are they short of trees on Prince Charles's estate?

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