Friday, 27 May 2011

Short Shopping

Whippets welcome.
Part One of an occasional series featuring whippet-friendly shops.

Shopping for shorts is Brian's least favourite pastime - I won't go into the reasons why - but Hub made the experience far less painful this season by having a really great selection. He had barely crossed the threshold when a pair of Dr Denim's in Army Green caught his eye and the whole transaction, including trying on was completed in under 90 seconds. 
Despite the speed shopping Capri managed to find herself a comfy spot and dozed off, so everyone was happy...

.... except me, so we crossed the road to the ladies Hub where Enzo made himself at home while I had a browse.

ps. The wedding was fantastic fun but the rain and hail stones were so torrential that we all scrammed in search of rum punch instead of posing outside for photos. Lots of sunny colours inside though.

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