Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentine's Day

Also known as February half-term, day two

Me: Okay, are you listening? The Woman in Black
Ed: Too scarey.
Me: The Muppets
Ed: We’re not babies.
Me: Star Wars Episode 1 3D
Ed: Boring.
Me: The Artist
Me: Shame
Ed: That’s an 18.
Me: The Mysterious Island… 3D!
Ed: No.
Me: The Iron Lady
Ed: You’re joking.
Me: War Horse
Ed: Too sad.
Me: The Descendants
Ed: That’s for mums.
Me: Big Miracle
Ed: Maybe.
Me: Oh, hang on, we’ve missed that.
Ed: Groan.
Me: What about going to the aquarium? They’ve got some new shark encounter.
Ed: It’ll be full of kids.
Me: Aww. You and Joe used to love the aquarium when you were little…
Joe: Mummy. MUMMY. Can you make sure you and daddy are out tonight please because I’m making Phoebe a romantic dinner.
Ed: YOU’RE MAKING DINNER? Does Phoebe know?
Joe: Shut up Ed.
Ed: I’m staying in watching telly tonight by the way Joe.
Joe: You best not be.
Me: Come to the cinema with us Ed – we’re going to see A Dangerous Method - a historical drama that takes a look at the origins of psychoanalysis. Fancy it? It's got Kiera Knightly in.
ED: I'd rather shoot myself.
Joe: Mum. While you’re out can you go M & S and get some proper nice looking ready meals. Thanks.

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