Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Drugs Run

The miracle drug, Penicillin was discovered here in London by Sir Alexander Fleming in 1928: since then the number of people treated with it and the lives it has saved are innumerable. So, why is it so difficult to get hold of? My earache is so bad that I can't feed my kids, walk the dogs or write my blog but the soonest I can see my GP is next Tuesday. In desperation I drove in a ibuprofen haze to the 'drop-in' surgery. There were already eighteen people waiting to see the doctor... so at what, a minimum of ten minutes each that makes 180 minutes, 3 hours, then an hour or so of driving round North London to find a late-night chemist. Instead of hanging around in a crowded, germ infested Portakabin all night we could have bombed down to Folkestone, slung the car on the train and picked up a life-time's supply of Penicillin in Calais along with a boot full of booze and a large, ripe Brie. 
How come you can buy antibiotics over the counter in Europe but not here??

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