Tuesday, 21 February 2012


I am so happy!!! I could jump for joy!! Crack open the Champagne! 
John has passed his driving test at the 4th attempt. Hurrah!

It's just such a relief: no more lessons to book and pay for, no more tests to book and pay for, no more dark clouds of failure hanging over us.

Not that he'll have a car to drive - but I'm not letting that little detail dampen my delight. It would cost £3700 a year to insure him to drive the Volvo -  it's £315 for me, which is a bit depressing - not so much because they consider the youth to be such an astronomically high risk but more because I'm considered to be so sensible (computer tried to write senile) that I'm barely a risk at all. 

Hmm... just thinking, maybe it's time to get one of those little Fiats that I love. Surely the insurance would be much more reasonable on one of those.
Hey John! What do you think about driving one of these?

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