Monday, 31 October 2011

Glamour in a Hangar

It was billed as 'The Ultimate Girls Day Out' - Yippee! I couldn't wait! And not just one Ultimate Girls Day Out, oh no, A WHOLE LONG WEEKEND of back to back Ultimate Girls Days Out
Ed had been asked to join Pineapple Dance School for a fantastic performance, right on the catwalk, at Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model Show at ExCel Docklands for the three day duration of the event. We couldn't contain our excitement. 
What to wear? The place would be full of beautiful 16 year old girls.... but I wasn't going to let  that thought dampen my enthusiasm and opted for my cocoon black dress and some nice jewellery. I got up early and made a special effort with hair and make-up. I ran the look past Ed. 
'High heels, you need high heels' he decreed so I scooted off upstairs to dig out a pair of black platforms and gingerly tottered back down stairs. I didn't bother with a coat; the weather was mild and those exhibition places are always boiling. 
ED always likes to arrive in plenty of time...

To be sure of bagging a good spot...
Due to 'Health and Safety' the children and their chaperones were not free to roam the fluffy, pink exhibition, trying out nail varnishes, sampling the chocolate fountain or having our eye-brows threaded. Instead we were escorted into this vast... holding bay and left there without food water or a toilet. After a couple of hours of standing around (there were no chairs) I tried to sit on the dirty concrete floor. After five minutes of sitting on the dirty and FROZEN concrete floor I tried to stand up. After a few more hours I busied myself fixing a bunch of broken umbrellas...

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