Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Tuesday Night Chocolate Cake

We had a day off today so Ed took full advantage, spending the day laid on the sofa, wrapped in his duvet looking up recipes. Brian and I left him in charge of the dogs while we went to Kings Cross to see a couple of art exhibitions.
Text from Ed: Get 197 chocolate cigarillos. I want to make cake. 
Tesco on Caledonian Road doesn't stock chocolate cigarillos (whatever they are) so I got a couple of boxes of Matchmakers which I thought might be a bit like cigarillos and headed home.
Ed played me the video of Lorraine Pascale's 'I Can't Believe You Made That Cake' in which she suggests that the cake is ideal for weddings and christenings but I noticed that she didn't especially advise it for after a microwave curry. Never mind, Ed was adamant, so we made it anyway. The Matchmakers are a bit long and twiggy and we regretted nibbling a few while we were waiting for it to cook - as you can see, we didn't have quite enough to go right round the edge but other than that it worked really well: I'd definitely make it again.  

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