Tuesday, 1 November 2011


November 1971: Bonfires, mittens on string, roasted chestnuts, knitted scarves, hot baked-potatoes, seeing your breath, frost, Stone's Ginger Wine, watching Blue Peter - the one where they put Freda the tortoise into her box to hibernate, hot-water bottles, Bay City Rollers switch on Christmas lights dressed in tartan trews, kids asking penny for the Guy. 

November 2011: Pink Camelias in bloom, Pret sandwich in the park, Toy Story sky, cascading geraniums, driving with the sun roof open, TOWIE sun tans, chilled Rose, sunglasses, Saturdays switch on Christmas lights dressed in swimwear, kids asking who the ****'s Guy Fawkes?

Lordship Park Garden on 1st November...

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