Thursday, 20 October 2011

Dogs on the Cat Walk

Yasmine Le Bon for Mungo and Maud 
I've been in a foul mood ever since this I opened my computer this morning and was greeted by Yasmine Le Bon all set for a stroll around Primrose Hill with her three pint-sized pooches. I'm still in the discarded black leggings that I picked up off the floor at 6.15 this morning, a matted fleece and a sleeveless, puffy Nike jacket of Joe's. Well it was cold and dark when I took Ed to the bus stop, then the front door was left open for ages while a stack of shelving was delivered for the Elle Decoration January Storage Special and by the time I'd made the delivery guys cups of tea the girls from Elle Deco had arrived and I would have looked daft disappearing upstairs and returning five minutes later in an alpaca poncho, white trousers and a pair of perfectly scuffed brown brogues. 
Emma called round at about midday for a dog walk. She looked elegant in a dark trench coat and sunglasses. I muttered something about looking a mess as I struggled to fold Capri's slender legs into her aubergine knitted coat and fastened her tasteful black-leather collar around her dainty neck. Hmmm.... think I'll get an overweight, scruffy dog to boost my self-esteem. 
Ed caught me browsing pictures of overweight, scruffy dogs on the internet this evening to use on the blog. 
'Are we getting another dog??!! Please can we get another dog?'
At that point Brian emerged from his studio, wearing paint spattered overalls and his face smeared in charcoal dust he spoke for the first time all day.
'We are not getting another dog. A man walking two dogs looks like a man walking two dogs. A man walking three dogs looks like a dog walker.'
Ed ignored him.

Here's Madame Pri Pri in her pashmina, posing with other whippets at Rachel's place.
    'mummy? daddy? what am I doing here with all these dogs? When are you coming to collect me?'

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