Saturday, 15 October 2011

Welcome to Clissold Park

The refurbishment of Clissold Park is nearly complete! Hurrah! A great deal of time, thought and money (10 million quid) has been invested in the project with particular attention paid to sensitively restoring the lovely Clissold House and surrounding flower gardens.
Quote from Hackney Council's webiste -
The restoration project will return the Park and House to their former glory.  The project brings back original design features, some of which were changed over the years.
So, bearing in mind the above, WTF ARE THESE??
Freshly cemented in place at every entrance (beside the 15th Century St Mary's Church, at the approach to the stately Clissold House, next to the carefully planted flower gardens, alongside the fancy new Victorian gates.....) these signs are more motorway service station than historic house and gardens. 
Council workers erect the new signage at Clissold Park. 
B lets the mutts exercise their legs after the long journey while I fill up the Volvo.

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