Thursday, 10 May 2012

Tough Schedule

Ooo, what's this big envelope addressed to Parents of Ed Munro? Look it's got Stage Management written on it. Heyy Ed!!! It's your schedule for Singin' in the Rain. How exciting!! Lets have a look... 
I best not be performing on my birthday.

Why not? It'll be fun. They'll make a fuss of you. Let's see. Crikey this writing is minute! Where are we,
June, June, June 24th - Team Green?? What colour team are you?

How should I know.

Oh look! here it is at the bottom. Team Red, Team Blue, Team Green. Here we are, Team Green - Ed Munro. So you have a show on your birthday, how lovely!

So long as I can still go Womad.

Yikes! When's that?

I dunno. Sometime in July.

I think it's in the diary, let me see. Weekend of 28/29 July. Check the schedule... July, July, July. Saturday 28 July. You have 2 shows!!! Fantastic! A matinee and an evening performance.

What about V Fest... I've already got a weekend camping ticket for that. I'm sorry but I'm going whatever...

I'm sure that'll be fine, let's see. V Fest - 18/19 July. Ooops - another matinee and evening show on the Saturday. Wow!

Well Molly is having her birthday at Centreparcs the last week of August and EVERYONE is going. I'm NOT missing that.

Hmmm.. that's the Bank Holiday week isn't it? Oh Lordy! Wednesday 29th - you have a 2.30 and a 7.30, Thursday 30th you have a 7.30. Oh well, that's showbiz!

Firework night?

Yep. Team Green. Two shows that day...


A 7.30 

Please tell me I'm not working Christmas day...

Haha! I'm sure the theatre will be closed on the 25th of December darling. 


Gosh!! Well I bet there'll be a lovely atmosphere there on Christmas Day.

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