Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Sexy Shard

One positive of the new car is being able to smugly pass right under the nose of the congestion charging cameras and then imagining them gleefully computing the car reg only to find that we're exempt. Hah! Makes me smile every time. My spirit is further lifted by the perfect view from the top of Goswell Road down towards the city - the shimmering, ethereal Shard is flanked on either side by the solid concrete mass of the Barbican towers, a marriage made in design heaven. Some days the Shard is completely invisible, you wouldn't know it was there - just empty grey sky between the gloomy bastions. On a blue sky day it dazzles in the sunlight and the mirage becomes a real part of the London skyline. 
I tried to capture the view today...
Where's the bloody wipers on this thing...

That's better. You can just about see it in the cloudy haze. One tiny criticism. Are those final sheets of glass staying like that? in that kind of crown shape. Not sure that I like that.
Ed and I think it looks like a piping bag nozzle - which is a lot less sexy than a 'Shard'

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