Saturday, 19 May 2012

Thank God it's the Weekend

Booking and paying for 2 seats and 2 pieces of luggage on AirAsia Flight FD3617 Phnom Penh - Surarnabhumii (Bangkok) and communicating all relevant details to John via Facebook.  
2 hrs 10 minutes.
Searching internet for flights to Milan and back to London via Trieste and sharing findings with various other third parties via email.
1hr 15 minutes.
Series of lengthy, complex emails to Joe's potential college in an attempt to reschedule his essential music theory course which he is missing due to him to going to Italy for a month to recuperate from massive strain of GCSEs.
50 minutes.
Baking scones, chatting to stylists and admiring roomfuls of Tesco's 2012 Christmas baubles, trees and tinsel being shot here this weekend.
1hr 45 minutes.  
Studying spreadsheet schedule for Singin' in the Rain while simultaneously synchronising Ed's performances to friends and families availability.
Arranging with non English speaking FedEx employee the collection from here and delivery to lengthy, unpronounceable address in Chiangmai, Thailand of John's replacement bank card that he lost at a beach party. 
45 minutes.
Trying to to activate John's new card and access pin when he's given me the wrong ****ing password for his account.
Dying Ed's old, red suede Nikes black without getting any dye on the white tick, while Ed is watching. 
2 hours and my eyesight.
Driving Ed to Waterloo to meet up with friends for sleepover in Surrey.
1hr 10 minutes.
Tracking down 4ft x 6ft mattress for Ed's new 'compact' bedroom when all mattresses know to man are 6ft 2.
Waiting for the opportunity to be able to go to the cinema, a restaurant, a bar or an exhibition without organising childcare.
19 years 7 months.
Summoning up the energy for a night out.

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