Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Right Royal Whinge

Red, white and blue crisps! For ****s sake! Are we the only people in the whole country not cashing in on the Jubilee.

Two more enforced Bank Holidays…no-one will be shooting on those days… another two days with no money coming in.

Yeah, really makes you feel like partying doesn’t it?

Can’t believe that Stoke Newington’s got so… in to it.
I thought people here had a bit more…


Class, taste…. I don’t know… what happened to the free-thinking, non-conformers that used to be so prolific round here.

Dunno – all at home baking cakes for the massive Church Street tea party. They’re closing the road you know: all day.


I can’t stand all the ugly tat everywhere you look. I find it quite offensive. Piles of ghastly Union Jack mugs, tea towels, biscuit tins. Every bloody thing has a Union Jack or a crown on it. Even the washing powder. Even the dog food. At the garden center all the flowers were red, white and blue. It’ll all have to be flogged off cheap afterwards.

Or end up as landfill.

I am NOT going to any street parties. I’m telling you that now.

Don’t worry. I wouldn’t be seen dead at any. In fact I think I’ll go up into the loft and find my Anarchy In The UK tee shirt from 1977.

Good idea.

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