Wednesday, 18 April 2012


"Okay Mrs Munro, I'll just run through a few of the features with you. No, no there's no keys. Yes, you'll find that with most new cars nowadays. Right, to unlock the car just press this. That's right. To lock it, this one. To unlock the boot press this. If you're in the car and you want to unlock the boot press this. Say you're in the car and the doors are locked and you want to let someone in just press this button here. The doors all lock a few seconds after you've started the engine anyway and the petrol cap locks automatically when you lock the car. Yes, it's quite safe. No, I'm sorry, there's no manual alternative to that. Now, there's three driving modes: Eco, Comfort and then there's Sport. No, maybe not but you never know, your husband might like to try it one day. Here's the on-board computer. Don't worry, it's quite straightforward. Just press menu and scroll through like this or you can scroll through using the control on the right of the steering wheel. You've got your average speed, fuel consumption, range, next service, tyre pressure, world weather...Yes, there's a regular fuel gauge as well... yes and a clock. Now, the radio, you can fast track using these tabs here, you can tune-in up to fourteen different stations and there's two volume controls, one here and one here by the indicators. You want me to leave that on manual? Okay. Lets talk about the indicators, just a slight nudge upwards is all it needs, then to keep them on longer click up one, then up again to set it to auto. Don't worry. You can override it by pressing that.....
This model is so economical that the engine automatically cuts out when stationary, so, at traffic lights for instance, if you stop for more than a couple of seconds the engine goes quiet and it seems like the car has stalled. Don't be alarmed Mrs Munro, BMW spent millions perfecting it. You'll soon get the hang of it. Yes, it is a bit unnerving at first. Try it and see how you get on. Well, if you really don't like it and just while you're getting used to the car you can immobilise that feature by flicking this switch here. 
Yes, I'm just coming to the sun roof. Open, close, tilt. No, just a quick press. No, take your finger off. Just a  quick press like this. No, no like... this. There. 
Right, let's synch your mobile. Turn on Bluetooth. See? all your data is being transferred onto the computer. All your contacts, emails, music - you don't have music? Okay, all your apps. No? Well, everything that you do have is stored in here until you need it. When you get in the car it will automatically detect your phone and all the calls, emails etc will come in via the computer. The sounds will come out of these speakers in the doors. So, when the phone rings you will hear it all around you. Then press this phone symbol to answer the call. Adjust the volume here. End the call here. Yes, you just speak. Yes, just talk. Yes, into the air. You don't look too sure about that. Really? You want me to turn that off as well? That's a shame. It's a very popular feature."

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  1. I have so been there! I never remember to attach my phone for music - Radio 4 for me, I never remember to reset to my phone, I don't know how to work the sat nav - I sit outside the house and scream at it for 15 minutes before reaching for the A-Z, I don't know how to turn the automatic locking off, open the sun roof........blah blah blah. I just want to start the car and drive it, I thought that's what cars were for?