Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Easter Holidays - Day 27

“Joe! Get off the phone and get on with your bloody art. You’ve only got a couple of days left.”
“Who the hell keeps texting you every few minutes anyway? Tell them to leave you alone.”
“Chill. Where’s the coloured pencils. Can you get them?”
“They’re downstairs, you get them.”
“I’ll get them…”
“DADDY, while you’re down there bring up my book.”
“Here you go, know what you’re doing then?”
“Yep. I need a sharpener.”
“Joe. You should try to keep all your things together. I think I know where there’s one. Hang on.”
“Thanks. The yellow’s missing.”
“For God’s sake, which yellow? Pale or eggy yellow?”
“Thanks. The green’s run out. Don’t worry, don’t worry. I’ll use blue.”
“That won’t look right. Let me find a green for you. There, have you got everything you need?”
“Yeah. Doesn’t Ed have any homework?”
“Don’t worry about Ed’s homework – get on with yours. ED! you don’t need to watch that episode of TOWIE again: it was bad enough the first time. Have you got any homework? Go and look please.”
“Art, two to five observational studies and she wants us to do some drawing outside as well”
“What!! You better get on with that right now. Draw those flowers there for a start, you can’t possibly go outside in this weather. ”
“I hate going outside anyway. I’ll find something on the internet to copy… this’ll do.”
“ The Hay Wain! Don’t be daft. She’s not going to believe you did that from life.”
“Don’t worry, I’ll change it a bit.”
“But you don’t get hay at this time of year. Do some blossom.”
“Ed, you’re such a wasteman I swear.”
“Get on with your work. You need to stick those pictures in.”
“My Pritstick’s dried up.”
“Well you’ll have to walk to the post office and get another one.”
“Daddy’s out in the garden.”
“What! It’s pissing down.”
“I know. He’s still doing the watering system.”
“Will you go Post Office for me.”
“No Joe. Shhh.. I’m on the phone to the bank. There’s a text from John. He’s at Hanoi bus station with no money to buy a ticket. That transfer I did didn’t go through.

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