Thursday, 12 April 2012

Close Encounters

It was a freezing cold January day, there was snow and ice on the ground. Holly's dad had called by to collect the portrait of her. It was still hanging on the first floor where it had been displayed for the exhibition. There was a shoot going on upstairs. We had to be quick: he was parked on a double yellow. We listened for a few moments, couldn't hear anything, so both of us sprinted up the stairs. As we burst into the living room, there, a couple of feet in front of us was a naked boy, shivering by the fire. Two girls were adorning him with blue paint and gold leaf. Just a normal day at Lordship Park. Here are the pics in the Spring/Summer volume of Bullett.

A PHANTASMAGORIC FAIRY TALE THAT'S OUT OF THIS WORLD - photographed by Saga Sig at Lordship Park

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