Monday, 5 September 2011

What's more important anyway? Art or Yorkshire puds?

Not to be outdone, I dragged myself out of bed, made Brian drive me down to One New Change, staggered around M&S with a bag of chips and a trolly for support, purchased a large leg of Sussex lamb form Jamie Oliver's butcher's and lugged it all back to the kitchen where I plotted my comeback.
Jamie Oliver's Butcher's at One New Change

The boys love Yorkshire pudding and can eat dozens of the small, perfectly formed ones from the supermarket. The dinner table conversation often turns to a legendary meal that none of them have actually had, or even seen, but they've heard tell of a Yorkshire pudding so big it takes up the entire plate: so huge that it becomes the plate itself. They then bicker about how best to arrange their Sunday dinner on this thing; you know, meat first, no veg first, NO, smother the whole thing in gravy first, etc etc. Anyway, not because I was feeling guilty that they'd had to make two eggs, a couple of ounces of cornflakes and some Alpen dust stretch to breakfast for four, I decided to have a go at the giant Yorkshires....

And to avoid arguments I arranged the toppings...

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