Thursday, 15 September 2011

JLS at Lordship Park

What to wear?

At 6am it's dark. I'm hungover. From the heap of clothes on the dressing room floor I need to pull together some kind of outfit that will be suitable for whatever the day has in store.
As it turns out -
- Dropping Ed at the bus stop for 7.15
- Hoovering.
- Feeding dogs the ghastly mush.
- Walking dogs in the park.
- Helping a set builder bring a man sized cage into the house.
- Greeting a few people from the BBC, two photographers, a couple of stylists, a groomer and various others.
- Kissing all four members of a boy band at the front door.
- Ciffing pigeon shit of the UFO.
- Having a lie down.
- Whipping up some lunch for Bri.
- Raking up rotten apples and chucking them in the compost.
- Struggling with reluctant whippet who CBA to have her picture taken with JLS.
- Flicking liver treats off Marvin's trousers.
- Picking Ed up and taking him doctors to have his tonsils looked at.
- Driving Ed to Palmers Green for gym class.
- Food shopping for the weekend.
- Saying hello to bunch of weeping girls outside the house as I struggle in with bags.
- Making curry.

A 1960s black mini dress with sequin collar, pale grey cardi, Converse All Stars

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