Thursday, 29 September 2011

Dancing Dogs

Yesterday morning, as it was his birthday and he'd been delaying leaving the house, in the hope that some incredible, suprise gift would materialise, I gave Joe a lift to Highbury and Islington tube. Green Lanes borders one side of the 100 acres of Clissold Park and as we drove along the sun was low behind the trees and shafts of light beamed across the shimmering grass. A heavy mist was suspended over the fields and we could make out the silhouttes of Hank and Dixie the two labradoodles dancing in the white haze. It was breathtakingly beautiful - Joe was even moved to take his ear phones out, nudge me and grunt.

This morning I left Brian to the chores and ran to the park with the camera. I knew I'd probably missed the best of it when I met Lee with Hank and Dixie on their way home. The sun was already warm, the grass was drenched with dew and my converse got soaked as I ran around trying to capture the rapidly evaporating miasma.

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  1. Beautiful - (this is actually just a test to see if I can actually leave a comment!) G