Friday, 2 September 2011

Black and Blue

I'm going to say this quietly as I think you might all shout at me but earlier in the week I was quite excited by the autumn chill in the air ..... Yeah, I know it's been a disappointing summer weather wise but however dark, cold, wet and windy it might be, if it's the month of July you can not go to a party wearing a black dress and diamante. Which leaves me stuck because I only really have black party dresses and I love anything sparkly, as you can see. So, tonight I was planning to wear a new, black, wool cocoon-dress from Zara, one or two marcasite brooches, tights!! and gold shoes to Emma's birthday party. Sorted.

One-day heatwave. Damn. I'm sweltering. Trying not to moan about it too much but my dress plans for this evening are scuppered. A quick dash down to Ribbons and Taylor on Church Street.

Sorted. Will wear with white Converse.

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