Sunday, 11 September 2011

f-ing weather

Spent the weekend taking photos of the house for the new website and the weather's been playing havoc with me f-stops. Quick get up, it's sunny! Oh, no, no, as you were, it's gone all cloudy. Wait! it's sunny again, maybe we should take the dogs out while it's sunny? Everyone ready? Got the ball? Leads? Poo bags? Sunglasses? Shit! where's Enzo's collar? Keys? Let's go! Bloody Hell! It's raining. 
The sky changes from grey to white to blue to black to pink.There's a rainbow. The sun streams in. It goes dark. B says 'Don't worry, I'll sort them out in Photoshop.' Then, some hours later. 'It would have been a lot easier if you'd just taken them properly in the first place.'

I pour myself a glass a reassuringly consistent glass of Vina Sol Rose while Brian fiddles with his pixels. 

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