Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Robespierre's Shoes

Oh Lordy!
Back in May...

                                   asked for a pair of these lovely, summery, cornflower blue Vans. 

                                                     said. 'You'll have to wait 'till your birthday.'

It's his birthday on Friday and yep, you've guessed it, they've sold out EVERYWHERE. Please help me. He thinks he's getting a pair and keeps saying things like 'can't wait 'till I get my baby blue Vans.'
There is a conspiracy between the Vans shop in Carnaby Street and the one in Covent Garden to pretend that they never existed. Vans have removed all evidence of them from their website and all unsold pairs appear to have been destroyed. Brian, an artist :), says this reminds him of the huge painting by David of the leading figures of the French Revolution. A sizeable number of the heroes of 1789 had become the villains of 1792 and had to have their faces painted over. Whatever... Hang on, he's muttering something about 'The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became truth.' 
' FFS - get on eBay and track some down.'
'They've got these brown ones, or these greyish-brown ones, or these browny-grey ones or these taupe ones.'
'He wants CORNFLOWER BLUE ones.'
There aren't any. All the pretty summer colours are gone, to be replaced by a dreary selection of puddle brown and snail grey shades. I don't have anything against those colours; they're fine for.... I don't know, a painting of grey and taupe whippets on a brown background. 

But not for a pair of summer shoes for padding around in Lanzarote.
                                                                     He likes blue.

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