Monday, 13 June 2011

NYC in N16

Sunday morning sunrise in Stoke Newington was at 4.42am. I know this for a fact because I was coming to the end of a lengthy text conversation with Joe at the time, on the pros and cons of spending the entire night at a party in Finsbury Park. The chat came to an abrupt end when I offered/threatened to pick him up in the car. I'd just managed to doze back off when the alarm went. 

The New York Times Magazine crew arrived early. They'd either just got off the plane or come straight from an all-nighter in Shoreditch but looked exceedingly cool in that way young, skinny fashion types dressed in black do. I trudged off to ballet class at Pineapple feeling frumpy despite the all-black outfit.

Monday Morning. We're having a celeb shoot here today and my friend Emma is making them lunch - hope there are some leftovers. 

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