Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Flower of the Month

My mate Tom is shooting at the house today. He's worked here a lot; slogging away day after day, photographing Page 3 girls for lingerie catalogues or calendars.
Evenings and weekends are idled away feeding the chickens and tending to the vegetables in his country garden with his wife and young children. He's really excited today; he has just taken delivery of one of those lawn mowers that you ride on!
Tom likes this place; it's perfect for the shoots he does. Starting in the opulent French boudoir, with elegant chaise and silk-covered bed, then moving onto the Barbarella basement, complete with metal 'parrot-cage' hanging chair, he can easily squeeze Madamoiselle May through to Dominatrix December into an afternoon. But what he likes most about working here is the garden. He always has a stroll around with a coffee while the girls are in hair and make-up. Today we stand at the window, overlooking the hydrangeas. 

One or two have turned bright white but most are still a creamy green. Hydrangeas do so well here; they've grown into huge bushes forming a high canopy over the path.

The Annabelles are my favourites - they're just on the turn. Still like spheres of pale green coral but in a week or two they'll be fully blown puff-balls of delicate white petals. Tom is very interested in the hydrangeas and wants to know all about them. One of the models trots in wearing impossibly high shoes and little else. 
'I'll be with you in a minute.' He says, barely turning round. 'So when is the best time to prune them?'

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