Sunday, 12 June 2011

Copper Load of This!

Right! That's IT. I'm having the garden concreted over. I can't stand the stress of coming down every morning to witness a new disaster.

There! That's better.

I hadn't seen a single snail or slug this year (must be the hot, dry spring) so I thought it would be safe to plant some lupins - not in the ground, that would be asking for trouble but in a pretty fluted urn near the gazebo. Just to be on the safe side I ran a strip of copper slug tape around the edge. The idea is that the creatures get some kind of strange buzzy sensation that they don't like when their slimy bodies touch the copper (how does anyone know this?) so they turn around and slither off. Now I like a bit of functional copper but not sure it works so well in the garden but am prepared to overlook the aesthetic if it means my lovely violet-blue lupins are protected.

Seems the copper/snail theory is an unproven one as this morning the lupins were chomped and sparkly trails criss-crossed the copper boundary.
Tonight I'm going to stand guard by the urn and catch them in the act. Brian and I can exchange morale boosting banter as he waits beside the Annabelles with a golf umbrella at the ready.

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