Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Again, again, again!


     would you rather drive one of these...

    or one of these...

My first car was a Ford Capri, a metallic green one. It was by far the nicest car I've ever had and I'd love to get hold of one now. We named the first whippet after my first car. When we went to collect her from a tiny terraced house, full of dogs, in the shadow of the North Sea ferry terminal in Lowestoft, the breeder, Eileen, asked (in a broad Suffolk accent)  
'So what are you going to call her then?'  
'Capri,' I replied, 'after my first car.'
'Ooo, that's nice. Capri.... that suits 'er lovely that does' said Eileen, approvingly. 
Then Brian pipes up in ridiculous toff accent ' We were going to call her after my first car but we thought Lamborghini would be a bit of a mouthful.'
Eileen wanders off.

In no time at all Capri settles into her new life in London.
Stephanie Beacham and Capri, photographed at Lordship Park by Oly Barnsley.

Ed wouldn't be seen dead in anything from the 70s and wants one of the cute Fiat 500s so he can be dropped off and collected from school everyday. (I'm not allowed to show up in the old Volvo, and anyway, there's no-way I'm prepared to pay £9 congestion charge every time I want to drive the half mile from Angel to the Barbican.) London's full of the little Fiats (probably because they're CC exempt) but that hasn't put me off. So, what's it to be...... sex on four wheels or something that's so sweet it's more like a pet? Think I'll stick with the Volvo.

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