Friday, 27 July 2012

No Party Bags Then?

"Just writing, NO pictures or anything"
"But we always do a picture! Remember that cute one of Enzo in the sleeping bag when you had a sleep-over party...and the one where Daddy Photoshopped your head onto John Travolta's body?"
"Just the time, date and the address; in black and white, no fancy writing, no colour, no pictures."
"Okay...that sounds a bit boring though. We could put some decorations up? A few balloo..."
"What about the food?"
"No food - just Smirnoff Ice and Bacardi Breezers."
"Don't be silly, you've got to have food at a party. I'll make a pavlova, I always make pavlova on your birthday."
"No pavlova. You don't have pavlova at a rave."
"How about pizza?"
"Order pizza then. Text me when it's here, I'll come up and get it. Just cheese and tomato."
"Or I could get the pizza bases and toppings and you could make you own! that's fun!"
"No it isn't, we're not babies."
"Gosh, haven't you all grown up!"

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