Wednesday, 4 July 2012

It Never Rains But It Pours

So, when I eventually got home, having -
driven Ed to school; queued at Hackney town hall for 50 minutes in order to hand over £260 for some parking permits; picked up John from Holly's and taken him to the Portacabin doctor's surgery where there was a 2 hour wait to be told he needed to go to A & E; waited with him at Hommerton Hospital for an hour in order to interpret his grunts to the duty doctor; nipped out in the pouring rain to move the car because you are only allowed parking for one hour; waited another hour, then was seen for 2 minutes; drove back via chemist to get prescription where they informed me that the doc had prescribed tablets that would be tricky to swallow with acute tonsillitis and should have written prescription for liquid penicillin - they would like to give me the liquid but were legally required to supply tablets, as that was what was written on the prescription. However, I was welcome to go back to Hommerton and get him to write out another prescription, which was probably the best idea because if I took this one and he couldn’t swallow the pills then I’d have to pay again to get the liquid stuff - £15; told them not to worry - we'd break the tablets in half and get them down there somehow; dropped John and his carrier-bag full of drugs outside the house and headed off to collect Ed from Mimi's -
Ocado had only gone and delivered 36 rolls of apricot coloured toilet paper. Well, I was ready to explode.
"What's that lot doing here?" Ed's horrified. "You’ll have to go and get some white ones. The Italia Conti Mums are coming round tomorrow night aren’t they? – you can’t let them see that stuff. I don’t want all my friend's mothers thinking you’ve gone mad.”
Who buys pastel loo roll? It says ‘natural pebble’ on the packet. Natural pebble?? – must be the new peach.
Did they deliver the wine? Better not be blush.

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