Monday, 2 July 2012

Hot Cold Cure

Brian and John have been overdoing it and have both come down with something, so today I went to Stoke Newington Greens on Church Street and got a huge box of fruit and veg. Now I need to turn this lot into something that they can ladle into a bowl while I go to Pilates.
Sore Throat Soup
Large white onion, 3 leeks, garlic, large piece of ginger cut into slithers, green chilli, red chilli, lime cut in half and chucked in, 3 sticks of lemon grass, 3 large carrots, fresh peas, fennel. Cook everything in a couple of pints of chicken stock for twenty minutes.

(We have had a houseful of excited brides-to-be getting makeovers today so I didn't bother to fry the onions first - thought the smell might not mix too well with all the hairspray and might linger in the silk tulle.)
Throw in  2 handfuls of rice and some left over chicken and cook for another ten minutes then add spinach along with any other greens at the end. Fish out the squishy limes and the tough sticks of lemongrass. Finish with chopped coriander. 
Ed is on his third bowlful. 

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