Thursday, 26 July 2012

Holidaying in England

Dew drenched grass on the way to the shower block; families of rabbits in the dawn mist; moorhen chicks having their first adventure in the long grass under the caravan; being trusted to leave payment for trays of gooseberries and redcurrants in a box on a garden wall; jam sandwiches; hollyhocks; shopping for Italian wine, French cheese and Spanish olives at Asda in Harwich; letting the kids chuck all their favorite snacks in the trolley - at Asda prices; hedgerows; poppies; winding country lanes; glimpses of the estuary, as blue as the Aegean; paddling; tiny crabs; dark oak forests and golden corn fields; friends jumping on the train at Liverpool street and arriving an hour later, just in time for an aperitif; making a campfire on the beach; watching bats; counting shooting stars in an unpolluted sky; laying in the quiet, still night with only your sunburn keeping you awake.

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