Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Selective Hearing

It’s Wednesday again. John’s doing a photoshoot at the shop this afternoon and so we’re going to drop him and his gear off at Strut on Broadway Market and head on to Chimes on Silk Street to pick up the sheet music for Good Morning from Singing in the Rain for Ed’s exam. We may just have time for a swift dog walk before nipping over to Italia Conti on Goswell Road to collect Ed and drive him to his acting class. I’m just getting the whippets into their new black knitwear. I think the black, 60s style, polo-necks will look quite striking alongside the brutalist architecture of the Barbican.  I also think colorful, flowery organza looks fantastic against the thundercloud grey of the Barbican. Anything looks good in the Barbican. I love the Barbican. Anyway…   

"Come on Enzy Wenzy Woo. Up you get. Aww, come on, I know you’re all comfy wumfy by the radiator but we’re going on a lovely walkies. That’s it, put that paw in there. Well done. And this one in here. Good boy. Now where’s your collar? Do you want to wear this one today? Yes it's nice isn't it?  You go and have a little drinkie while I find the leads. Clever boy, off you go…" Grumpy is on the sofa watching Top Gear. It’s the last day of his antibiotics and he’s got his voice back.
"Mum. MUM. They can’t understand what you’re saying you know mum."
"Course they can. They understand English perfectly."
"They CAN. The other day we went into this swish new pet shop in Highgate. That’s where I got these jumpers. Well, Capri was having a lovely time. She sniffed all round the shop and she was really good while we dressed her up in various different coats. She posed for a photo, sat perfectly for treats and they made a real fuss of her saying how beautiful she was… Are you listening? She was about to have a lie down on a lovely doggy blanket when the girl in the shop said  ‘and we’ve got a state-of-the-art dog grooming parlour out the back.’ Then she realized that whippets don’t have a lot of need for a state-of-the-art grooming parlour so she added ‘maybe they could come and... have their nails clipped.’ Well, with that Capri got straight up and dragged me to the door where she stood and yelped until we left the shop then she bolted for the car.”
“That is such gas.”
"I like my new jumper Mummy"

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