Friday, 13 January 2012

A Real Chateau

There's nothing (well not much) I like more than browsing the Sifex website, bottle of wine at hand and choosing my dream chateau. It's the perfect pastime for cold January evenings. Brian's just poured me a glass of wine, the kids are all out and I've already found something I like the look of.
"Hey Brian. Look at this one!"sips wine
"Putain l'enfer!"
"Look at the staircase!" sip sip
"Putain 'lenfer!!"
"And look at that pair of stags" sip sip sip
"Putain l'enfer!!!"
"Guess how much?" sip sip "820,000 euros"
"Putain l'enfer!!!"
Text from Ed. "Was goin London Eye but shut so we went horror maze. Pick me up Mimi's pls :)"
Back to reality!

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