Thursday, 19 January 2012

Busy Bee

Yesterday evening at about 7, John, Joe, Ed and I fall though the door and all collapse onto the sofa.
I can see Brian next door in the office staring glumly at the previous day's blog entry.
"You haven't done a blog today." he says accusingly.
"I know"
"This is yesterday's blog here. I've read this one"
"I KNOW. I haven't had time. We were late this morning cos Ed couldn't find his school shoes because Phoebe was wearing them so I had to drop Joe and Phoebe at Highbury corner and then I carried on and took Ed all the way to the Barbican and when I got back here John was up but he couldn't speak, well he could just about manage to say his ****ing throat was ****ing agony AGAIN so I drove him down to that emergency doctors and waited in Morrison's car park for an hour - actually I went into Morrisons for a bit and bought some yogurts - then John texted me to say that the doctor had said he had to go to hospital but John had said he couldn't go to hospital because he had to go to work. When he finally got back to the car the doctor had given him some hench antibiotics and told him if his tonsils got any bigger they may block his windpipe and to call 999. Then I was going to drop him at work but he'd forgotten the tripod so we came back here and picked it up and then I drove him down to Broadway market. It's a good job I got the yogurts as that's the only thing he can manage to swallow. Then I drove back here and there was a text from Ed saying he'd forgotten to do his homework. He was supposed to find a painting on the internet that showed emotion and he needed it for his acting class. I told him to find that one of the woman screaming by what's 'is name and try to get it printed at school. Then I took the dogs for a walk and made a batch of scones for Romo. Then there was an email from Dave saying he couldn't balance the figures on my tax return and I had to go back through all the bank statements from 2010 with a fine toothed comb. That meant I was late getting back to the Barbican to pick Ed up for his other acting class but he was happy, turns out The Scream is his teachers favourite painting of all time. Strange. As we were driving to Angel the red fuel light came on so after I dropped him off I went to get petrol on Upper Street. Oh, and in case you wonder why there isn't a full tank its because as soon as I put the nozzle in this giant bumble bee came floating over - must be cos the weather's suddenly gone really mild - anyway, I think it was attracted to the all that bright yellow plastic on the petrol pumps but it kept bumping into me so I was trying to dodge it but I saw these two blokes in a van behind laughing so I just put about fifty quids worth in instead of the usual ninety. Then Joe called and said he was getting a migraine so I said I'd pick him up but I ran to the chemist on the way to get some of those migraine pills Kate told me about. I haven't given them to him yet tho because I couldn't read the instructions on the back of the packet they're so small and he couldn't read them either because he's got that disturbed vision thing that he gets with migraines. Then I drove down to Broadway to pick up John, then back to Angel to get Ed and here I am!"
"What's for dinner"

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