Wednesday, 31 August 2011

School Holidays. Day 56

It's Joe's first day back at school tomorrow so for want of anything better to do he's spending the morning playing Cast Away Island on my laptop.

Brian:  Joe, you promised you weren't going to leave your homework till the last day of the holidays.

Joe:  Chill.

Brian: You've got to type up that interview from your 'work placement', do a self-portrait and wasn't there a load of drama stuff to do as well?

Joe:  It's all under control.

Brian: And weren't you supposed to have read that book for English?

Joe:  Don't stress.

Brian:  But you haven't done any of it.

Joe:  I've done a lot more than anyone else in my class.

Brian:  How can that be?

Joe:  Trust.

Brian:  How can they have done less than nothing?

Joe: Don't worry! It's cas.

My phone makes the text noise and there's an incoming email bleep. Portland Place School: Reminder. Year 11 Work Experience presentations due this Friday 2nd September periods 4 & 5 in the GPS Hall. Make sure they are prepared!  

Me:  Joe!!

Joe:  What?

Me:  You have to do a PRESENTATION about your Work Placement. On Friday!


Me: Joe? Joe!

Joe:  What the ***k is a PRESENTATION? Wait!
(gets on Facebook)..... 
5 minutes later.
Joe:  basically, no-one is gunna do the presentation shit. 

Me:  Well why did school send that text then? Get off that thing and get on with some work. Now!

Joe:  Oh, by the way, I need new school shoes for tomorrow. The soles come off the others. And trousers. 

Me:  Blimey Joe! Couldn't you have told me before.

Joe:  Can you cut my hair? and wash that grey hoodie by the morning? Oh, and I can't get this earring out. I think it's rusted in. Daddy will have to cut it with those tong things.

Me:  Pliers.

Joe:  Yeah, them. And I need to get Phoebe a birthday present.

Me: When's her birthday?

Joe: Friday. Saturday. No Sunday. Hang on. Does October come after September.

Me:  Yes....

Joe: What, straight after?

Me: Yes....

Joe:  No, it's Friday.

.... and so Joe and I head off to Angel for school uniform while Brian prepares a presentation, draws a portrait, does some drama and reads a book.

Some hours later....
Brian. We're home. Brian! Brian!

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