Thursday, 7 July 2011

House Arrest

Joe is on his eagerly anticipated work placement. We thought it would be best for everyone if he did it here.
Monday is auction day. As it's only down the road, and part of our job is to be constantly on the look out for interesting bits of furniture, the working week starts with a browse of the sale room.     
Joe accompanied us. He says the auction is dry, smells of old/dead people, is full of shit, and he would rather watch Ed dance, but he thinks it's the highlight of our week so doesn't play up too much. 
We find a nice patio set which we will be pretty on the roof terrace so we plan to return later and bid for it. It's always a bit touch and go at the auction as to whether or not you get it and we had someone else bidding strongly against us.
Here it is in situ.

The deck looks a bit ropey and is due for a repaint so we thought that would be the perfect job for our intern to get stuck into. He sort of agreed, as it only involves a short walk down a flight of stairs and out though the patio doors (9 ft - as the fag end flies - from his bedroom window).
Tuesday. Heavy rain. Intern stays in bed.
Wednesday. Torrential rain. Intern goes on Xbox all day.
Thursday. The deluge. Intern mopes around eating.

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