Saturday, 6 August 2011


Sarah has taken Ed to Greece for a break, because they needed a holiday, leaving me home-alone with Joe. So, how do we while away the hours? I know, body piercing!

Joe: Daddy, can I get my ear pierced?
Daddy: No, no way. Over my dead body.
Joe: Go on.
Daddy: No.
Joe: Go on.
Daddy: No.
Joe: I think it's one of those things that should be my decision.
Daddy: No way. Forget it.

Some hours later....

Daddy: So where is this place then?
Joe: Just along here, chill.
Daddy: And how do you know about this whatever-you-call-it, surgery? Salon?
Joe: I found it when I tried to get it done yesterday but they said I had to come back with a responsible adult.
Daddy: What?
Joe: We're almost there.
Daddy: Well, it had better be a proper registered kind of place with certificates on the wall and stuff. I wish you'd let me take you to Harley Street.
Joe: Here it is.

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