Thursday, 11 August 2011

Smash and Grab

So, we are nearing the end of a traumatic week during which we have witnessed ugly behaviour  from a bunch of ill-mannered and lawless yobs. I have watched events unfold with horror and disgust. Things have been simmering for sometime and a general lack of respect has manifested itself in the kind of actions that any right-minded person would condemn. Things came to a head on Monday with the inclusion of Fabregas in the Champions' League qualifying round squad to face Udinese. It seems that this has forced Barcelona's hand and they have upped their offer for our captain - still daylight robbery in my opinion. So, the Arsenal Board seem to have finally given in to the brazen flouting of regulations and tapping-up of Cesc. Personally, I feel we should have taken a hard-line stance against the Catalans' underhand and disrespectful goings-on all summer and now we are counting the cost of our indecisiveness. The eyes of the world are upon us now and reinvestment must be a priority for the rebuilding of The Arsenal.
El Capitan

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