Thursday, 17 January 2013

Testing The Water

A perfect day for taking the new iPhone 5 to the park and testing out it's camera: how will it compare to Brian's iPhone 4 and John's iPhone 4G? Will it have a better zoom function? Will the colours be as good? We'll give it a thorough road test and let you know the results: an in depth analysis of all it's functions with plenty of examples so you can evaluate the findings for yourself. 
"Hey Sarah!! Listen to the funny noise this pebble makes when I throw it on the ice."

Testing The Water 1 from sarah on Vimeo.
"Let me do it again."
Testing The Water 2 from sarah on Vimeo.
"One more time."

Testing The Water 3 from sarah on Vimeo.
"Hurry up my fingers are numb."

Testing The Water 4 from sarah on Vimeo.
"Last time, then we'll have to go home. The dogs are frozen stiff and it's getting dark."

Testing The Water 5 from sarah on Vimeo.

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