Sunday, 2 September 2012


Ed spent ages in the bathroom so we were late of course and the bloke wasn't very happy but if you live in Bromley what do you expect. I don't know why they can't use a photographer in London. Anyway the pictures looked okay but they didn't even use the shirts I ironed this morning after all that trouble with the bloody ironing board. Have you seen this bruise on my hand? Then Ed was hungry so we went to a drive thru McDonald's on the way home but we didn't do drive thru coz I need the loo and then we got trapped in the car park by some white van man which meant we were late picking the dog up for her vaccines. Ed! put that puppy on the newspaper, she must be desperate. Anyway, I could have done without the 45 minute lecture off the vet about dog training... ENZO DROP. DROP. DROP. So then we had to head straight to the theatre which was fine because Ed wanted to show Lotus to Will anyway but the whole cast wanted to have a go and you know how small it is in that stage door area and one of the dancers has a dog phobia. Honestly. Then I was going to come home but it seemed a bit pointless as I'd have to leave again straightaway and Joe texted to say Phoebe's back from Turkey and coming to dinner so thought I'd better get some food in but I had the dog with me so went and sat in the car and had a think. I tried to wrap her up and put her in my bag but the bag's a bit small and she was fast asleep - I think her injections had completely knocked her out and anyway her head was sticking out so there's no way they would have let me in M & S so I went to Rokit and got this old airline carry-on bag. At the counter I pulled her out of the small bag and put her in the new one, quite a few people were stood around watching and the dog looked kind of dead which was embarrassing. Anyway it was fine, she was really cozy in the new bag with her blanket. I got some dinner in M & S  except there was a special offer on - a three for two thing but when I paid at those stupid DIY tills the offer didn't come up so I had to go and see someone by which time she was waking up and squeaking. Then I ran back to the theatre with the dog and the shopping and picked Ed up.
How's things been here?
"John and I could't do much really, what with the Ann Summers shoot going on all day, so we've been checking the computer to see what Arsenal's been up to: it's the last day of the transfer window you see and...." 

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