Monday, 10 September 2012

High Life

So, everyone seems to have coped last week without me. Joe had his first day at college (I say 'day' but it was ten minutes to collect the ID thing that hangs round his neck) and John got off to New York Fashion Week okay. Brian said it was a bit of a scramble to find enough clean clothes to pack as none of them know where the washing machine is hidden but apart from that all was good.
John just emailed to say that he's shooting Valentino in his apartment on the 54th floor of the Bloomberg Tower today!!! Hang on, let me google it!! Jeez!
Bet that's a "shoes off at the door" zone.
Shit!! I hope to God John took a decent pair of socks and isn't padding round in those stupid Kermit the Frog ones from Next. Or worse still he's wearing odd ones - one green and black Kermit, one red and brown Fozzie Bear.

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