Friday, 2 March 2012

A New Car

I think I’m a bit better. Well, I know I’m a bit better because I’m shopping. No, not exciting vintage cocktail dress shopping down Camden Passage: online shopping - for car insurance.
At the end of this month, the tax, insurance, MOT and residents parking permit all run out on the Volvo. Plus there’s a problem with its cooling system, whatever that is. (I’m sure it’s only a teeny weeny problem - if anyone’s looking for a much loved, twenty year-old, V90 estate, that starts without fail every morning, is big enough to easily take a 1970s sideboard and is a dream to drive please contact me.) Again, probably not a brilliant sales pitch but last time I filled up with petrol it cost £100.07. This week I’ve had to drive into the congestion charge 5 times: £45. We have to get something more economical.
Ed and I love those Fiat 500s but we can’t all fit in and Brian doesn’t like them at all. I have to agree with him that they are EVERYWHERE but he’s now making up stuff: he said he saw two fat traffic wardens wedged into one the other day and is trying to tell me that they’re traffic wardens car of choice.
BMW have brought out a car so green that you don’t have to pay road tax or congestion charge and it does 74.3 mpg as opposed to the Volvo's 5.0. They have also dreamt up a finance scheme whereby you pay zero deposit and a very low interest rate. Done.
So, where was I? Insurance.
Here we go. Direct Line - they're always advertising. Let's have a look... haven't seen this one before...
Where the hell is this place?? it's bonkers...

OH! I forgot! That was when they turned the basement into a wedding dress shop. Sorry boutique.

Probably best to go onto one of those price comparison websites for car insurance.
Right. Name. Address. Age. Model of car. How many years have I had my licence? Hmmm, not sure. Oh, that's lucky, you don't have to be specific once it gets over thirty years. Any convictions, no. Ten years no claims bonus. Continue for quote...
£500. Not bad and that's for me and Brian. So £250 each.
"Mum, mum. This new car right. Is it going to be a manual?"
"Yes, shame they don't do the eco version in an automatic."
"Great, check out how much it'll be to insure me will you."
"It'll be loads."
"Check anyway. I think like maybe a couple of grand. That's my guess."
"Hang on then. Add driver. Age. Sex. How long have you held UK driving licence. There isn't a box for less than a week. I'll click less than three months. Here we go, date you passed driving test. Ready..."

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