Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Bangin' Report Bruv

Ed's school report arrived this morning and lifted my mood. 

Jazz: "Ed is the perfect student! He is disciplined. He works hard. He is focused. He interacts well with all his peers. He is intelligent. He is an asset to his class and an absolute pleasure to teach! Well done!"
Ballet: "Has potential to achieve an excellent standard in classical ballet. Neat and careful in his work with good use of feet and legs. A pleasure to teach."
History: "I have been delighted with Ed's history work this term."
Art: A* Excellent progress. Ed is always pleasant, polite and helpful in class - well done Ed!"
Modern Grade 6: Excellent progress and seems to be maturing fast. A good term's work!"
Song and Move: Ed is a very dedicated young pupil, highly motivated and achieving a very good standard of performance. Well done!"
etc etc....

JOE!!! Stop gibbering in patois at the Xbox and listen to this...

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