Thursday, 14 July 2011

Shit! It's Harper Seven. We're gunna be late.

It was a relief to swap the driving seat of the Volvo V60 for seat G27 in the Royal Circle of the Wimbledon Theatre for a few hours on Tuesday night. The show was out of this world. Yesterday morning at 7 we’re back in the car listening to Johnny and Lisa on Capital 95.8. I’m using a liberal sprinkling numbers alongside words here, a la Posh and Becks. Ed thinks their choice of baby name is unfathomable but at the same time it’s cast a seed of doubt as to the coolness of a straightforward one syllable/two letter name and he ponders an imaginary life with either a whacky name or Posh and Becks as parents. I daydream about how I would spend the £161 Euromillions Jackpot as we approach Elephant and Castle roundabout and head towards South West London. I’m down to my last couple of mill when we eventually pull into the car park at the theatre and Ed scoots off to the stage door. According to page 9 of the itinerary he will be in non-stop rehearsals all day. By the time I get back to Stoke Newington it’s lunchtime. There’s a text from Ed.
‘Finished rehearsals going Kung Foo Panda 2’

Brian does the evening collection. Referring to page 11, Wednesday's final curtain is at 10pm so he needs to leave Stokey at 8ish. Of course there's a text just as he’s put his jacket potato in the oven. 
‘Finishing early. Leave now.’

I’m in Abney Park, trying to get myself spooked up ready for the performance of A Midsummer Nights Dream. There are about thirty of us gathered just inside the gates. Its hard to get much atmosphere going stood next to Joe who is eating Doritos and clowning around dodging a swarm of mosquitos. It’s dusk as we are led away into the depths of the gloomy, 32 Acre (that’s a nice name for a sleb baby, but not as good as After 8 which B came up with) Victorian Cemetery. 
Review of the magical show later, when I get back from taking Ed to Wimbledon. Late start today - hope to God I've read that right.

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